5 simple stress relief techniques

It’s hot outside, and that invariably makes us more prone to stress.

However, here are 5 quick tips to help you feel less stressed and more calm, whether at home or at work.


Write it down

Do you have any events coming up that you’re feeling negative about? It can be helpful to write them down and identify what’s causing you stress.

You can then articulate what you can do negate that stress, whether it’s through planning, avoidance, or challenging a negative belief.


Take time out

If you’re at work, even five to ten minutes away from your desk can give you clarity over a stressful situation.

Staring at a screen all day can add to stress. Try to avoid scrolling through social media – it may help to practice some breathing or stretching techniques instead.



This doesn’t need to involve going for a run, bike ride, or any major exertion. After all, at work that would just be impractical!

If anything, this would be an extension of taking time out. A short walk, or even taking the stairs instead of the lift can increase your heartrate and release endorphins.


Set objectives

Breaking tasks up into smaller objectives can make them feel easier. Making them SMART is even better – specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, and time-bound.

Meeting each objective builds positivity, and lets you see the progress you’ve made so far.


Do something different

It’s much easier to limit ourselves to the things we know rather than end up feeling uncomfortable or even hurt by something unfamiliar.

Getting out of your comfort zone, even if it’s something as simple as going somewhere else for lunch or driving to work via a different route, can keep things fresh. Gradually you’ll become more used to change and may push yourself more.


Our Resilience Routine provides you with numerous examples of how you can introduce the above points into your everyday life, plus much more.

The free demo version also includes a planner, where you can put what you’ve learned into action and start working towards reducing stress and becoming more resilient.

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