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Here at BounceBack, we have over twenty years’ experience in the human resources, employment law and training industries. As a result, we’ve seen first-hand how the stresses of the modern world can start to take its toll on people’s mental health.

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BounceBack are accredited providers of Mental Health First Aid training based in London, Gateshead and all across the UK. We also offer a range of our own online and classroom-based wellbeing courses, specifically designed to give you and your employees the tools to be more resilient and able to overcome everyday challenges we face in life and at work.

Building resilience and embracing stress management techniques can give us the skills to cope when we encounter difficult situations. What’s more, resilience allows us to become stronger and see opportunities that can arise from stressful or traumatic events.

A key part of stress management comes from strong leadership and management skills. With our resources, managers and employers can learn the policies they need and the procedures to follow in order to initially promote and then ensure workplace wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

We can also help you create your own Workplace Wellbeing Strategy. BounceBack will work with you to identify your organisation’s current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities when it comes to wellbeing. We will then help you introduce the skills and processes needed to boost quality of working life within your organisation.

These areas can be wide ranging, including; employee engagement, Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), promotion of exercise and nutrition, risk assessments, well-designed work, training and development, flexible working practices, reward schemes, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and much more.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our courses and services on 020 7060 6200, or email info@bounce-back.com.

Meet the Team

Neil Atkinson

Neil Atkinson

Managing Director

Neil is our managing director and the founder of BounceBack. He previously co-founded an HR and Employment Law outsourcing firm, so has extensive knowledge of what is required for people to be able to perform at their best at work and at home.

After writing a book on employee engagement, Neil realised that many wellbeing programmes were simply policy-based and ineffective for helping with peoples’ mental health. Therefore, Neil founded BounceBack with the intention of creating eLearning & supporting material that explores the root causes of stress and the theories that can help tackle them.

Away from wellbeing and human resources, Neil has studied bio-chemistry at the University of Reading. He set up his first business importing and selling ISDN cards from France, before designing and producing custom business location maps until 2007.

When he’s not busy in his role as MD, Neil can often be found either on the slopes or on the race track as a keen skier and aspiring Formula One driver.

Sam Corcoran

Sam Corcoran


Sam is our director at BounceBack. After graduating from the University of Derby, she later completed a post graduate diploma in Training and Performance Management at the University of Leicester.

Sam has over 20 years’ experience within human resources and learning & development. She has worked in a variety of HR management roles across several industries, including manufacturing, retail and business consultancy.

Due to her broad range of experience with HR and employee engagement, Sam knows how important wellbeing and resilience is in both people’s professional and personal lives. With BounceBack, she is able to put that experience to good use by developing and delivering bespoke, practical solutions that really helps.

Away from work, Sam likes to spend time with her family. As she’s outnumbered by her boys (including the dog), she has had to develop a love of hanging around freezing cold football pitches most weekends!

Chris Swindells

Chris Swindells

Graphic/Web Designer

Chris is our digital designer, and is in charge of making all our courses and learning materials look as accessible and attractive to use as possible.

Chris started his career in retail whilst studying for his degree in Advertising/Creative Practice. Since then, he has had gained a wealth of design and media experience by working for a number of publications as well as undertaking a variety of freelance work.

When he’s not perfecting his designs, Chris likes to run, go to the gym, practice yoga, and is an all-round health conscious person. This can sometimes have the unintended side effect of making others in the BounceBack office feel guilty for indulging in too many biscuits!