Beating stress through exercise

Students are taking up running to help with exam stress, according to BBC News.

This is being promoted with a scheme by England Athletics called #RunAndRevise, which aims to help people aged 16-25 take a break and improve their mental health through running.

Experts agree that exercise can have benefits for stress and mental health.


Dr Brendon Stubbs, of King’s College London, said: “Our research has shown that being more active can protect you from developing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression in the future.

“Moving and doing exercise can help reduce stress levels and improve concentration.”

He said running is not the only way to improve mental health.

“The evidence suggests that any type of physical activity can be good for you, such as taking out the dog for a walk, going to the gym, doing a sport with a friend or even yoga.

“The most important thing is to get away from the desk, and get moving during the exam period.”


This doesn’t just work for students though. People under pressure at work can feel the benefits of exercise too.

This is why we’ve included it as part of our own Resilience Routine.

As a follow-up to the Developing Resilience eLearning package, the routine involves regular emails providing advice and short exercises to help you enhance your resilience levels.

They’ll focus on four key areas that will contribute to you becoming more resilient at home and at work:


  • Mental wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Changing behaviours
  • Creating a positive workplace


By practicing them over an extended period of time, resilience can be built up gradually and incorporated into your everyday life. When you need to be resilient, you’ll already have the tools.

Learn more about the Resilience Routine and  download a demo here.


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