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Why does resilience matter in business?

A survey by consultants Sarah Bond and Gillian Shapiro asked 835 employees why they feel they need resilience. It wasn’t the thought of huge disasters that came out on top – it was dealing with their own co-workers. In other words, resilience is needed every day. Disasters are thankfully a rare occurrence. Dealing with other…

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Flexible working could become mandatory

All job roles could soon become flexible by default. Instead of employees having to request flexible working, bosses may instead need to offer a choice of predefined flexible arrangements. This is the plan under a new bill proposed by MP Helen Whately in parliament. She said the traditional 40-hour, five-day working week “made sense in…


Avoiding ‘The Three A’s’ of stress

The NHS advises that we should watch out for ‘The Three ‘A’s’ when aiming to reduce stress in our lives. Number one is Avoidance. It can sometimes feel easier to avoid situations we deem stressful instead of facing them. This can include not opening letters, not answering the phone, not seeing friends or not going…