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Mental Health First Aid

World Suicide Prevention Day – The Myths and Facts

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Its aim is to educate people about suicide, along with how to show compassion and care for those in distress. The day is also intended to question the stigma associated with the issue. As with numerous aspects of mental health, despite greater awareness there are still many misconceptions that…

Building resilience at work

Resilience at work – 5 practical tips

There’s a lot of information out there about workplace wellbeing. Any quick Google search will bring up hundreds of articles about how to build resilience and reduce stress at work. However, many don’t seem overly helpful. For example, one article advises you to “compartmentalise your cognitive load”. I think this translates as “do one thing…

Mental Health First Aid

Record numbers of Mental Health First Aiders

An article published yesterday revealed that record numbers of Mental Health First Aiders are being trained to tackle mental health issues in Britain’s workplaces. The Guardian reported that 140,000 people were trained in 2018-19, with almost half a million people now having been through an MHFA programme. Incredibly, this is about one in every 100…

Mental Health First Aid

How to help other people with their mental health

A common question relating to mental health is “how can I help other people?”. This comes from people who generally have a duty of care for others, such as employees, students, or children at school. Here are some quick tips we can recommend: Build self-esteem– To be resilient, people of all ages need to be…

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

UK banks are making a different kind of investment

The UK’s top banks are placing greater emphasis on employee wellbeing, according to new research. They’re doing so because it help them attract top talent; people are more likely to want to work for an employer that supports their physical health, mental health, and are more socially conscious. Traditionally, smaller firms are more likely to…