Can resilience make you physically healthier?

The positive emotions that accompany a resilient attitude have been linked to better health and an improved immune system.

An effective immune system means an individual’s body can fight off infection better, leading to fewer instances of illness in the first place.

It’s worth noting why this happens – an optimistic outlook is a large part of building resilience.

People who are optimistic are less likely to have high blood pressure, as they don’t feel so much stress.

They are more likely to lead healthier lifestyles, build stronger social support networks, and get better medical care. Studies report that optimists are more likely to exercise, less likely to smoke, and more likely to follow medical advice than pessimists.

A strong immune system also means we can bounce back more quickly from the illnesses that do manage to get through.

Possessing this trait means resilient people are also more productive at work. They are absent due to sickness less often, and even if they don’t quite feel 100% they’ll still feel motivated to come to work and try to do their best.

Employers can also learn how to pre-empt stress and build an environment that fosters resilient employees. This way, employees won’t even need to bounce back – they’ll be resilient from the start.

Learn how to put this into place with our Developing Resilience eLearning course.

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