Coping with Stress

Our new eLearning course, Coping with Stress, is now available from the BounceBack website.

Stress is something many of us have to (or have had to) face in everyday life.

Whereas “good” stress can push us to work harder and do our best, too much will lead to burnout.

Negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all interlinked and have an impact on each other. They can create a ‘vicious cycle’ of stress that seems hard to break.

The Coping with Stress course will help you and your employees to break that cycle by challenging one of the three areas using cognitive thinking techniques.

If stress does start to get on top of us, we also outline some relaxation techniques to bring stress levels down.

It’s worth mentioning that it isn’t only negative situations that can lead to stress.

Although we may expect to feel stress due to work or conflict, it can also affect us when doing something positive, such as organising a wedding or going on holiday.

It’s not so much the event that causes stress, but how we interpret them.

Once we’re aware of this, and know how to change our way of thinking, then we can start beating everyday stress.

To learn how to do this, and for more information on the new course, visit:


Take care,

Team BounceBack

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