Digital Detoxing – Our Top 5 Tips

A new company is offering people a ‘digital detox’ in the form of glasses that makes screens appear black when viewed through the special lenses.

It sounds like a clever idea, but are such drastic measures needed in order to reduce our use of technology and help reduce stress?

The average person apparently checks their phone 200 times a day – that’s once every six and half minutes. 73% of people say they’d struggle to go a day without checking their phone or computer.

Such constant exposure is harming our self-esteem, and consequently, our mental health. A study conducted by the University of Copenhagen found that many people suffer from “Facebook envy”.

So how can we cut down on our social media use? It is addictive, but a digital detox can help. Plus, you don’t even need to buy a pair of special glasses!


Here are our tips for reducing your screen time:


  1. Make a list of your gadgets. This will help you realise how dependent you are on technology.
  1. Give yourself an allowance. Restrict the amount of time you spend using them, but don’t set unrealistic targets. You’ll only set yourself up to fail.
  1. Change one habit at a time. Try checking emails between certain set hours, or by making a conscious choice not to use social media before going to sleep or at mealtimes.
  1. Leave gadgets at home. Remove the temptation to check your notifications by simply not taking your phone on every trip.
  1. Find a detox buddy. Telling people that you’re trying to use technology less will be motivational, as it will keep you honest. Even better, find a friend who’s trying to do the same thing. You will be able to compare progress and encourage each other.


These tips have been taken from our daily Resilience Routine emails.

They will help you regularly practice resilience techniques, which will become stronger the more they are used.

Eventually, resilience to stressful situations should be pre-emptive – rather than reactive.


Take care,

Team BounceBack

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