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Emotional Intelligence eLearning Course

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How can we benefit from being more emotionally intelligent?

  • Emotional intelligence allows us to recognise emotions, choose how we react to them, behave accordingly and become better equipped to handle everyday challenges. We can decide to react positively instead of in a potentially harmful way.
  • People who are emotionally intelligent have positive relationships with others. They have improved social skills and work better in a team. They understand other people due to being more empathetic, and are considered more socially skilled and likeable.
  • Emotional intelligence can be a valuable tool in understanding why people act and behave in the way that they do in life and work. It is positively correlated with higher life satisfaction, self-esteem and lower levels of insecurity or depression.

Emotional Intelligence eLearning Course

Course duration – 50 minutes (approx.)

Emotional intelligence allows us to have an intelligent reaction to the emotions we feel on a daily basis. Although our emotions may not always be positive – or even what we expect – we can choose to react to them in a way that we personally decide. We can recognise emotions in ourselves and others through increased levels of empathy.

In the Emotional Intelligence course, we begin by exploring why emotional intelligence can help us in our lives. We move on to how you can recognise emotions, and then how to choose your own ‘intelligent’ reaction and actively avoid a negative outcome. The course also contains the EQ-i self-assessment tool, so you can see where and how to improve.


£ 35
per licence (inc. VAT)

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