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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognise emotions; understanding what they are telling you and how they can affect people around you.

It also involves how you perceive others. When you understand how other people feel, you can begin to manage personal and professional relationships more effectively.

Why is Emotional Intelligence important at work?

Since the concept became popularised in the 1990s, innovative organisations have integrated emotional intelligence into training and hiring to gain a competitive advantage.

High EQ builds empathy amongst colleagues and allows employees to manage their own emotions, such as stress or frustration. EQ helps employees cope with challenges, improve customer service, negotiate more effectively and work better as a team.

How do we measure Emotional Intelligence?

BounceBack offers two tools to assess and identify how your employees can build their Emotional Intelligence:

EQ-I 2.0

EQ Assessment

Using the EQi 2.0, a scientifically validated self-assessment, BounceBack can measure 15 emotional and social skills of emotional intelligence. Individuals will be provided with a tailored report detailing the follow information:

The EQi 2.0 has undergone over 20 years of research and has been tested on over 85,000 individuals worldwide.

We also use EQ360; a feedback mechanism that allows an individual to compare how they see themselves to how others see them. This feedback can identify where and how to increase EQ that in turn benefits the overall organisation.

How do we gain Emotional Intelligence?

BounceBack have an eLearning course available to help you or your workforce build Emotional Intelligence:

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The course covers the following areas:

The origins of EQ, the theory behind it, and a breakdown of the advantages harnessing emotions can provide.​

A synopsis of what emotions are, why we actually need them, and how we can learn to read and recognise them in a meaningful way.​

A closer look at the emotions that affect us specifically at work, how to proactively understand them, and knowing the impact they could have on a team and its performance.​

Practical tips for dealing with emotions once we have recognised them, so we can react in the right way and combat negativity.​

A practical plan to apply the knowledge you’ve learned for everyday situations.​

Emotional Intelligence eLearning Course

Course duration – 50 minutes (approx.)

Emotional intelligence allows us to have an intelligent reaction to the emotions we feel on a daily basis. Although our emotions may not always be positive – or even what we expect – we can choose to react to them in a way that we personally decide. We can recognise emotions in ourselves and others through increased levels of empathy.

In the Emotional Intelligence course, we begin by exploring why emotional intelligence can help us in our lives. We move on to how you can recognise emotions, and then how to choose your own ‘intelligent’ reaction and actively avoid a negative outcome. The course also contains the EQ-i self-assessment tool, so you can see where and how to improve.


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