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With over 20 years of HR & people consultancy experience, we know we can help you with any query you may have relating to human resources, employment law, well-being or managing people in any way.

We can support you with any of your people issues to provide you with professional advice that’s relevant to your business. With our team of experts there’s not a lot we haven’t dealt with!

Whether you have a specific project or you want to improve performance we can work with you to plan, implement and execute your people solutions

HR & People Consultancy

Whether we come on site or support you from a distance our team of experts can help you achieve your people focused results, through either coaching and supporting you remotely or by coming on site and assisting you in person.

We will work alongside you to create an ideal solutions that suits your needs, is within your budget, and meets your objectives.

The types of projects we have been involved with:

We can also support with meetings by supplying templates, guidance and attending where appropriate, for example:

EQ Leadership Coaching

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognise emotions; understanding what they are telling you and how they can affect people around you.

It also involves how you perceive others. When you understand how other people feel, you can begin to manage personal and professional relationships more effectively, inspiring other to help you achieve the results you require.

The EQ-i 2.0® Model

Copyright © 2011 Multi-Health Systems Inc. All rights reserved. Based on the original BarOn EQ-i authored by Reuven Bar-On, copyright 1997.

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