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Managing Workplace Wellbeing eLearning Course

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How do you manage employees’ mental health at work?

  • Employers are responsible for the wellbeing of their staff, with a duty of care for keeping employees physically and mentally safe. The Equality Act 2010 also states that employers must prevent discrimination in the workplace and ensure everyone is treated fairly.
  • Line managers are in an ideal position to ensure this happens. They’re the ones who see employees on an everyday basis, so know the behaviour that would be considered ‘normal’ or whether something has changed that may require further attention.
  • In our Managing Workplace Wellbeing eLearning course, we look at the various tools and management techniques that line managers have at their disposal to ensure positive mental health for the people in their team at key stages within their employment life cycle.

Managing Workplace Wellbeing eLearning Course

Course duration – 60 minutes (approx.)

As a line manager, it can be difficult to deal with individual cases of mental ill health. With such a sensitive subject there are many factors to take into consideration; am I saying the right thing? Do my actions comply with employment law? What should I do next? Could I have even prevented it in the first place?

In the Managing Workplace Wellbeing eLearning course, we look at how to build a workplace wellbeing culture that will allow important conversations about mental health to take place. We’ll then explain how to manage an employee with a mental health issue; from the initial meeting, which adjustments to make, their possible absence, and their return to work.


£ 35
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