Team BounceBack

Team BounceBack

Are mental health issues more common than we think?

Last night, the Every Mind Matters website crashed due to a surge in traffic.


It struggled to cope with the amount of visitors due to an advert fronted by the duke and duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex.


The ad, airing on several different television channels simultaneously, was part of an initiative from Public Health England and the NHS to help people look after their mental health and support others.


Although interest would obviously be increased due to the association with such high profile spokespeople, the fact that the website ended up crashing shows how much interest there is now in mental health..


However, when you consider that 10 million adults will experience mental health issues each year, maybe it’s not so surprising after all.


Statistically, many of these people will work. This makes taking care of people’s mental health the responsibility of employers too, as it is part of their duty of care.


Unlike physical health problems, mental health issues can be hard to spot. This is why people at work need to be trained in how to identify and discuss them.


In most cases, issues relating to mental health can lead to employees who are usually happy at work becoming withdrawn, less productive, or suddenly lack punctuality.


It’s important not to immediately take the hard line.


What should happen is a non-judgemental chat, using open questions to enquire about any underlying reasons that could be causing them to behave differently.


If you listen and are empathetic, positive and supportive, then an employee is much more likely to open up. Then, they can get the help they need.


To know how to conduct these conversations, know the signs, and know where to point people towards, we recommend taking the Mental Health First Aid course.


BounceBack have two MHFA sessions planned next month.


If you think it can help you or your staff, have a look at our dedicated page.


Take care

Team BounceBack

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