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Team BounceBack

Working to end mental health discrimination

New research out yesterday showed that nearly half of recruiters would feel reluctant to hire someone who has previously served in the Armed Forces.


Why would this be? Is it due to experience or qualifications?


No. It’s because of the stigma surrounding mental health.


The surveyed recruiters believe that forces personnel would be more likely to have mental health-related issues, so are less likely to employ them.


Negative perceptions about mental health are still prevalent in workplaces, despite the subject being highlighted and discussed more than ever.


This is due to outdated, decades-old attitudes that have stuck around in the public consciousness despite being proven to be untrue.


Employers need greater understanding about mental health.


The best way to challenge misconceptions about mental health is by raising awareness. At work, this would be achieved through meaningful training for both managers and employees.


At the highest level, managers need to put policies in place that plainly state that discrimination of any kind is unacceptable.


This way, staff members will know what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace regarding mental health, disability, or indeed any other subject. However, this alone is not enough.


At BounceBack, we believe Mental Health First Aid training is a highly effective way of challenging the stigma.


The two-day course gives colleagues at all levels a deeper understanding of mental health and the factors that affect people’s wellbeing.


It can open up a dialogue allowing us to speak about mental health in a matter-of-fact way, giving it the same status as physical health.


This way, people’s overall wellbeing can be managed for a happier workplace.


We have two Mental Health First Aid courses coming up:


Gateshead – 13th/14thNovember

London – 27th/28thNovember


To book your place, visit the BounceBack events page here.


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