‘Building Resilience at Work’ – A BounceBack Guide

The need for resilience in the workplace has become far more recognised in recent years. In the past, people could realistically expect a job for life in industries that seemed like they’d always stand the test of time.

However, employees now have to be able to deal with the pressures of modern working life; handling increased workloads, changing priorities, organisational change, and even redundancy. In order to be able to thrive, we now have to be resilient.

How can we be more resilient at work? Your free pdf download explains:

  • The definition of resilience, and the factors that will influence it.
  • Why communication is key to building resilience.
  • How to build a greater level of trust between employees and managers.
  • The simple lifestyle changes we can make to be more resilient.
  • Your five-point plan for increasing your everyday resilience levels.
Building resilience at work

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