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The key to building resilience is experience. Once you’ve learned the tools and techniques for overcoming difficult situations, you must practice them so you become stronger all the time.

If you do this on a regular basis, you can combat stress and anxiety pre-emptively. It’s better to be proactive and work towards resilience instead of becoming overwhelmed by a sudden change.

To help, we’ve put together our Resilience Routine. Following the exercises in the routine regularly will help you achieve overall resilience by improving four specific areas.


The areas covered by the resilience routine are:

  • Mental wellbeing – for a healthy mind
  • Physical wellbeing – for a healthy body
  • Changing behaviour – getting into good habits
  • Positive workplace – reducing stress at work

Focusing on mental wellbeing helps improve resilience through developing a sense of optimism and by building healthy self-esteem and self-efficacy. These will help you first embrace, then succeed in the everyday challenges you face.

Physical wellbeing involves looking after your body by eating well and cutting down on unhealthy habits such as binge drinking and smoking. Physical and mental wellbeing often go hand in hand and can impact on one another.

Changing behaviour will help you make small, positive changes to your lifestyle. They aim to encourage you to gradually leave your comfort zone and feel more resilient when faced with new challenges.

Finally, creating a positive workplace gives you and your colleagues a safe and productive environment to work in, both physically and emotionally. Planning your workload will reduce the potential build-up of stress.

To download your free resilience routine, simply complete the form below:

We also offer a full, in-depth resilience routine as part of our Developing Resilience eLearning course.

You will receive longer regular emails containing valuable information building upon what you covered on the eLearning course, plus practical exercises you can use every day to put your new knowledge into practice. Here is the full range of topics covered by the emails:

Mental wellbeing:

  • Building optimism
  • Self-esteem exercises
  • Self-efficacy exercises
  • Thinking clearly

Physical wellbeing:

  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Drinking in moderation
  • Quitting smoking

Changing behaviour:

  • The ‘Gratitude Attitude’
  • Digital detox
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Using positive language

Positive workplace:

  • Regular breaks and holidays
  • Flexible working – a work-life balance
  • Positive communication
  • Setting effective objectives

To unlock all this information plus much more, visit our Developing Resilience course page:

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