BounceBack Resilience Routine

A new way to help you deal with being stuck Working From Home.

Resilience Routine gives you Practical Help straight away with stress, anxiety, poor sleeping, loneliness and all the problems of social isolation.

Extra time – to worry?

Most of us now have an extra hour or two every day as we don’t have to commute. How do you use this time wisely?

Set up a healthy, productive daily routine.

There are lots of tempting things you DON’T do: Don’t reach for your phone and start scrolling through your various feeds. Don’t turn on the depressing news.

Resilience Routine

You'll learn five steps to take every morning - before you do anything else. Each of these things are worth doing on their own. But when you do them together they give you a massive energy and wellbeing boost that lasts you all day.

So, five simple things that all work on their own but are incredibly powerful when done together. They give you a new way to start your day that sets you up to win.

Find out how your thinking could be flawed and very unhelpful. Then see how to correct it and use it to your advantage.

Focus on what you can control and ignore what you can’t. Very easy to say, but seemingly hard to do. We show you how.

We show you how to get to sleep when your head is spinning with worries. This is the method used by the US Army – if it works in a war zone it can work for you!

The elephant in the room. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok. It doesn’t matter which one. They’re all designed to suck you in, and sell your precious attention to advertisers. We show you how to stop them controlling you and use them to your advantage.

Because right now they can be great for:
  • Keeping in touch with friends during lockdown.
  • Talking to family and friends around the world or next door
  • Stopping Grandma getting lonely in isolation
But they can so easily suck you in:
  • Obsessive scrolling through feeds
  • Hunting for likes to make you feel good
  • Full of negative news and unscientific nonsense, giving you more things to worry about.

Make sure you don’t get sucked in – it is a major cause of poor mental health.

This is a 30 day plan delivered by an email every day to get you through working from home until the world gets back to normal.

A daily routine that will help you get through this difficult time and come out more productive and resilient than ever before.

*Free for NHS Workers

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