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Stress Management - Half-day Course

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Stress Management Training

Duration: Half-day tutor-led training

Suitable for: Employees, line managers, and HR professionals

Workplace stress can affect employees both physically and mentally, which in turn can impact on how well a business performs.

Not dealing with stress correctly will have a detrimental effect on employees’ job performance and undermines their job satisfaction, as well as leading to emotional and physical health problems.

Our Stress Management course sets out an approach you can use to tackle stress on an ongoing basis. Following these tips will ensure that you are proactive rather than reactive; an important strategy for coping well with stress.

This half-day course examines what causes stress, and examines how it can be managed and reduced over time.


By the end of the stress management workshop you will be able to:

Define stress and the effect it has on the body

Follow a model for coping with stress

Identify stressors and explore methods of avoiding stress

Reduce personal stress by following clear techniques

Stress Management Training Content

  • Identifying stress and your stressors – An overview of the history of stress and its relation to the stressors we are subjected to in daily life.
  • Physical responses to stress – Exploring the mental and physical aspects of stress and how this can result in illness and poor lifestyle choices.
  • Stress coping model – Highlighting the process of stress, and the methods we can use to interrupt the process to cope better.
  • Personal stress reduction – Approaches that can be used to proactively deal with stress on an ongoing basis, rather than relying on reactive responses.