Wellbeing advice for MPs that applies to us all

A psychologist is urging MPs who are stressed by Brexit to look after their wellbeing to help maintain clear thinking.

Professor Richard Kwiatkowski from Cranfield University is presenting his findings to the annual conference of the British Psychological Society.

His report says: “The wellbeing of MPs is crucial for all of us. They have to be able to make good decisions on difficult matters on our behalf.

The strain, pressure, publicity, threats, anxiety, long hours, fatigue and risk to one’s self-image conspire to make the job a difficult and often thankless one.”

“Though it may be an unpopular thing to say, MPs need to look after themselves. Their physical and mental state has a significant impact. High levels of stress have a negative impact on clarity of thought, and at the moment we need our MPs to think clearly.”

Addressing these issues directly can help MPs – and anyone who is suffering serious stress at work.”

Maintaining the ability to think clearly is advice we can all follow.

In our Coping with Stress eLearning course, we look at how we can gain perspective when faced with stressful thoughts.

It’s good to get in the habit of recognising that many of the negative meanings assigned to thoughts are grounded in opinion, rather than fact.

The meanings we assign to thoughts can be influenced by past experiences, such as our upbringing, the culture we come from, or anything else we have previously been through.

This is why people who have been through traumatic experiences, such as being bullied or having lost a loved one at a young age may feel particularly anxious towards certain situations.

We can learn to alter those meanings and not let them have as much control over our lives. This reduces the stress we feel.

This process is fully explained in Module 4 of the course.

Learn more about it and watch the preview video here.

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