Are you putting wellbeing first?

A new poll has shown that a majority of managers in the UK are putting their company’s interests above the wellbeing of their staff.


In the survey from BITC and YouGov, 62% of managers said they had to put the company ahead of employee wellbeing.


While 51% of managers believed their organisations effectively supported wellbeing, 39% of non-managers disagreed.


Nearly two in five (39%) reported experiencing poor mental health associated with work.


Even more concerning was the statistic that 9% said they were subject to disciplinary action, demotion or dismissal because of it.


These stats show that the old ‘profit first, people second’ mindset is still alive and well, despite the recent advances made.


Many managers still don’t realise that a happier workplace leads to greater productivity in itself.


If stress and workloads are managed, then employees are more resilient, less likely to quit or be absent, and be more engaged with their work.


The wellbeing campaign director at BITC said a “profound cultural shift”was needed, so that work enhanced rather than harmed mental health.


“People who come to work don’t expect to be physically injured and they should also not expect to be psychologically harmed,”she said.


This cultural shift can be started through training and education.


Mental Health First Aid training for both managers and employees will break the stigma surrounding mental health and allow for conversations to take place.


It can form part of an overall workplace wellbeing strategy to prioritise people over profits. Once management knows what drives and concerns employees, they can act to create a safer, more productive workplace.


Find out more about Mental Health First Aid training and where your nearest session is on our dedicated page.


Take care,

Team BounceBack

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