What does Mental Health First Aid training do?

Did you know that over 200,000 people are currently trained in Mental Health First Aid skills across a range of sectors and industries?



People are now more aware of MHFA than ever before, along with the benefits it can bring to a workplace.



But what does it actually do?



MHFA training, along with other valuable mental health training courses, helps people to understand that help is available if needed, and that mental ill health is treatable.



The courses also help to remove the stigma that is wrongly often associated with being mentally unwell.



Through the skills taught on the course, participants feel more confident in recognising when someone might be experiencing mental health issues.



They can then offer a first line of support – either through non-judgemental listening or by guiding them to the appropriate services.



By offering this support at an earlier stage than might have previously happened, MHFA encourages early intervention and recovery.



Just as importantly, MHFA also educates people on what keeps us mentally well and therefore prevents some people getting ill in the first place.



It normalises mental health, giving it the same level of importance as physical health. It becomes part of an organisation’s everyday language and contributes towards a workplace culture that values everyone’s wellbeing.



Once the course has been completed, there’s no pressure on trained members of staff to ‘seek out’ mental health problems.



They just have to be aware and open-minded – they’ll know the signs if they see them and know what to do.



To gain a workforce with this level of insight – or to gain it yourself, simply sign up to one of our two upcoming MHFA two-day training sessions.



You can find out more about them on our MHFA course page.



Take care,

Team BounceBack

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