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MHFA Courses

MHFA Training Courses

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a training course to teach you and your employees how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing mental health issues. Learn how to recognise the warning signs of ill mental health and develop the skills to approach and support people in a safe, controlled way.​

Training Courses

BounceBack Training, Workplace wellbeing strategy

Building Resilience - One-day course

Your workforce can learn the skills for coping with the challenges and setbacks we face in life, and how to become stronger because of them. This one-day course draws upon various sources, including rational thinking skills, physical and emotional health, and our relationships with those around us. Suitable for all employees, HR professionals and line managers.​

Stress Management

Stress Management - Half-day course

Stress can affect employees both physically and mentally and have a serious impact on business performance. This half-day course examines what causes stress, and details how it can be managed and reduced. Suitable for all employees, HR professionals and line managers.​

eLearning Courses

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Building Resilience at Work Course

Change your perception of stressful events that happen at work by challenging negative thoughts. This goes beyond simply ‘thinking positively’ – it’s about basing our actions on logic and evidence rather than preconceived beliefs and assumptions.

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Coping with Stress Course

Learn how to identify the signs of stress, and what can be done to reduce the impact it has. This course teaches stress management tips and techniques, including cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness.

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Developing Resilience Course

Our flagship eLearning course defines what resilience is and why it is now so important in everyday life. Learn how to be more resilient with useful tools, techniques and exercises intended for both individuals and managers aiming to improve resilience at work.

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Emotional Intelligence Course

In the Emotional Intelligence course, we begin by exploring why emotional intelligence can help us in our lives. We move on to how you can recognise emotions, and then how to choose your own ‘intelligent’ reaction and actively avoid a negative outcome. The course also contains the EQ-i self-assessment tool, so you can see where and how to improve.

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Improving Workplace Wellbeing Course

We begin by looking at why wellbeing is now so important when at work. We then explore each of the five areas that can help us maintain wellbeing and prevent stress. Each module provides the theory behind each one, followed by practical tips and exercises to back them up.

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Workplace Wellbeing & Mental Health Awareness Course

We look at how to build a workplace wellbeing culture that will allow important conversations about mental health to take place. We’ll then explain how to manage an employee with a mental health issue; from the initial meeting, which adjustments to make, their possible absence, and their return to work.