Why do we need resilience?

We now live in an ever-changing world. Change can manifest itself in many ways, be it in our personal or professional lives.

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While most of the time we can deal with these changes on a day-to-day basis, sometimes they can be traumatic.

Criticism or disappointment at work, job loss, financial problems, illness and grief are things many of us have had to endure in our lives. These events undermine our self-confidence, and can then lead to longer-term problems, such as depression or physical health conditions.​

Being resilient means having the ability to cope with those challenges. What’s more, resilience can allow us to become stronger because of them and see the opportunities that can arise from a traumatic event.​

Many employers value having a resilient workforce, as they’re able to cope with pressures such as sudden orders, and have lower rates of employee absence.​