Why does resilience matter in business?

A survey by consultants Sarah Bond and Gillian Shapiro asked 835 employees why they feel they need resilience.

It wasn’t the thought of huge disasters that came out on top – it was dealing with their own co-workers.

In other words, resilience is needed every day. Disasters are thankfully a rare occurrence. Dealing with other people is something that can’t be avoided, hence why resilience is so important.

Here’s what makes an individual resilient in their professional life:

An ability to learn. Setbacks and disappointments show us where we went wrong. Instead of learning helplessness and admitting defeat, being resilient means choosing not to make the same mistakes again.

Self-esteem. With resilience, you believe you can change your situation if you want to. Decide what your mission is, set goals, and work towards them.

Critical thinking. A resilient leader sees a situation for what it is and acts on what they can change. They won’t waste time on things out of their control. They avoid the damaging habit of blaming others and accept responsibility for their actions.

It sounds almost too good to be true, but resilience can be learned over time.

Our Developing Resilience eLearning course teaches how.

Find out more on our resilience FAQs page here.


Take care,

Team BounceBack

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