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Improving workplace wellbeing eLearning Course

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How can we improve our mental wellbeing at work?

  • Wellbeing is made up of two elements; feeling good and functioning well. This means feeling content, enjoying life, being curious and engaging with the world around us. These are the characteristics of someone who could be considered ‘happy’.
  • With its potential for unexpected challenges and change, the workplace is somewhere stress and anxiety can quite easily develop. Both internal and external influences can have an impact on our capacity to cope when faced with stress.
  • In our Improving Workplace Wellbeing eLearning course, we look at how we can continue to function well in the face of such challenges. This will involve experiencing positive relationships, having control over our own life, and having a sense of purpose.

Improving workplace wellbeing eLearning Course

Course duration – 45 minutes (approx.)

Five main areas have been identified as contributors to an individual’s overall wellbeing; connecting with people, being active, taking notice of the world around us, learning and giving. These are the main drivers for what makes people feel happier, more fulfilled and resilient in life.

In the Improving Workplace Wellbeing eLearning course, we begin by looking at why wellbeing is now so important when at work. We then explore each of the five areas that can help us maintain wellbeing and prevent stress. Each module provides the theory behind each one, followed by practical tips and exercises to back them up.


£ 35
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